September has come and we enjoyed one of the last Volcom WITP of the season. This year the Italian event was held at The Wall Skatekrap, a great indoor park located in Vicenza, north east of Italy.

We just got the time to finish the setup when the first bunch of kids showed up ready to shred every single corner. Warm up started around 10 in the morning and called the contest start around noon, same time the first free hot dogs went out for the public.

The contest started with the 14 and under division, testing the 3 park zones where our 3 judges Andrea, Marchino and Gonzo were placed to sign up every single trick. It’s been a pleasure seeing those little kids literally ripping the spot despite their young age.

Following up, with the 3 qualifying heats of the 15-21 division, the level got higher, making the speaker continuously turning his heads to call any move and making him barely loose his voice before the Open qualifiers. It’s been hard to choose the best ones for the finals cause this has been one of the craziest edition of the WITP with a stellar skateboarding level almost from every skater. We saw some crazy stuff from skaters from all over northern Italy during the 15 minutes jams and they gave it all to get into the top 5 to qualify in the European Wild In the Parks championships. You better check out the video and photos from our friends at We would also like to thank Dani, Valentino and everyone at The Wall for their kindness and support, Macho and Chiara at Prosport Shop, Riga from Salad Days Mag and anyone one who showed up testifying that skateboarding is alive and kicking in Italy.
Stay true to this


14 -

1 - Eugenio Nardi
2 - Simone Cristiani
3 - Filippo Zanzo
4 - Massimo Farabelli
5 - Vittorio Galetti

1 - Enrico Pigatto
2 - Lorenzo Ubino
3 - Giovanni Lobbia
4 - Steven Cattan
5 - Nicola Tedesco

1 - Jacopo Carozzi
2 - Aref Koushesh
3 - Icaro Nardi
4 - Andrea Munari
5 - Federico Lanzarotta

Most outstanding girl
Asia Lanzi

Best Grom
Joan Sauders

"The Streets is Rotten" Vol. 1 from rotten marcus on Vimeo.

Skateboarding the streets of Rhode Island featuring state natives and CIVIL team members: Justin Healy, Kyle Arruda, Seth Pernal, and Andrew Rebelo.
Film/Edit: Marcus Rand
Song: Ludacris- “Can You Buy That?”

palmsprings trip from True Skateboard Mag on Vimeo.

Tyrone Olson head to Palms Spring for a night and full day in the hot sun! 100 plus degrees and had a blast in the dessert with the homies enjoy.

Matix Denim: Lifetime Guarantee presents Ditch Days from Matix Clothing on Vimeo.

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Turkey and Chase Stopnik take Matix Denim thru their daily routine in this edit entitled “Ditch Days”.

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Ukiah skate park edit 2 2014 from True Skateboard Mag on Vimeo.

Tyrone Olson and friends link up and rip this skate park.

TrueSk8boardmag presents Volcom AmSlam Sept. 2014 PQ Park from True Skateboard Mag on Vimeo.

Truesk8boardMag presents Volcom AmSlam from September 2014 at PQ Park in Rancho Penasquitos, CA.
This was put on by SunDiego Boardshops in beautiful San Diego County. One of out Filmer/Photographer [Sam Valdez] put this edit together with the help of Michael Allen [Cantsee]. Fun time skating and filming that park.